"The Agent Investor" Live Event: November 3rd, And November 4th

Imagine What It Would Do For Your Life as a Real Estate Agent If A Successful Boston Area Agent Investor Handed Over His EXACT Systems To Earn Enough Passive Income To Be Financially Free And Cover All Of Your Day To Day Living Costs (And Then Some)...

November 3rd And 4th - 9am to 5pm Each Day
DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel· 50 Ferncroft Road Danvers, MA

Agents, Come Learn How To Become Financially Free In "The Agent Investor" 2-Day Live Workshop


Tom Cafarella, The #1 Boston Agent Investor

Although Tom is an agent, he has achieved financial independence at a young age by using The Agent Investor strategies to invest in real estate in addition to selling. It is the investing, not the sales that have made him financially free. Want to learn how he leveraged his skills as an agent to invest in real estate and more importantly how you can too?

Are You Tired Of Being On The Real Estate Roller Coaster?

Dear Real Estate Agent:

Most real estate agents got into real estate for the freedom and flexibility that it claims to offer.

Yet MOST real estate agents:

* Work nights and weekends
* Work with clients that don't value their time
* Have no retirement plan
* And are always worried about where their next paycheck is going to come from.

I know this, because I myself was on the real estate roller coaster for years (2005-2009) until I did my first investment deal in 2009 - the deal that I named my brokerage after that changed my life.

Agents not only NEED to invest, but they already have many of the basic skills necessary, including:

1.  Agents know how to comp and spot a good deal
2.  Agents come across great deals - even when they aren't necessarily looking for them
3.  Agents have the industry contacts needed like: attorneys, contractors, lenders etc.
4.  Most agents understand the basic fundamentals of investing already

YET - most agents hardly invest in real estate.

I created the Agent Investor platform and have made it my life's mission to change that - and with over 5,000 members in our group, we seek to help every agent achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Since I started investing in real estate, I have personally:

* Fixed and flipped over 1,000 homes
* Own a 300+ unit rental property portfolio
* Am building over 250 new construction apartment units
* Have built a 350 person real estate brokerage

But most importantly, I now have the freedom to work when I want - which is exactly why we ALL got into real estate to begin with.

I tell you all of this not to brag, but to show you how it is possible to achieve true freedom in the career that you and I both love - real estate.  

Join Me For "The Agent Investor" 2-Day Live Workshop

Learn How To Achieve Financial Independence With PROVEN Agent Investor Systems That You Can Implement As Soon As You Leave The Conference

You're Going To Learn All of OUR Agent Investor Tools From Start To Finish, Including:

  • How to leverage the natural advantages that agents with investing
  • ​How agents can find killer deals - in their day to day agent life - without prospecting
  • ​How to do quick turn deals - even if you have limited capital
  • ​​Passive Income Investing - How to build a passive income portfolio(with little or no money)
  • How to raise capital to fund your deals by utilizing your SOI
  • ​On-Site Bus Tour and Deal Analysis of a 19 Unit New Construction Project to learn how to invest in bigger deals
  •  Two Agent Panels - learn from other successful Agent Investors
  • ​Step by Step Guide of Putting it all Into Action

We'll Show You How To Remove All Barriers To Success... 


 We teach you how to analyze deals to make sure you are buying the RIGHT PROPERTIES at the RIGHT PRICE

 We'll show you how to  ACCESS MONEY to fund YOUR real estate deals (and how to partner with our team directly)



November 3rd and November 4th. 9am to 5pm Each Day.
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel- Danvers · 50 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA


My Personal Experience Is Living Proof That Investing In Real Estate Will Change Your Life

I certainly had no experience with real estate when I started over 15 years ago.

I grew up from humble beginnings - raised by two great parents but with no financial means to speak of.

Like many agents, I had no capital to start and at our event we will teach you how to do deals with little to no capital at all.

We will also show you how to leverage the capital you do have - if in fact you do have some capital to invest.  

The road towards financial freedom is easier than you think - as long as you are willing to get educated and put in the work.

There's a saying in real estate investing - "the more you learn, the more you earn".

Sales Will Make You a Living. Investing Will Make You Wealthy.

Most agents both know they need to invest and want to invest - but many fall short because they fail to get educated.  

When I meet an agent who has wanted to invest, but hasn't, I always ask them how many hours they have spent investing in the real estate sales education. The answer is almost always in the hundreds of hours.

I then ask them how many total hours they have spent investing in their real estate investing education - and the answer is that they typically have spent less than 100 total hours investing in their investment education.  

Don't Let Your 6 Figure Business Rule Your 7 Figure Business

You can make a lot of money selling real estate - well into the six figures.  

But the most successful people in real estate are investors - many of which have a net worth in the multiple 7 figures.  

I tell you this not to convince you to sell less real estate, but to take the time to invest in your 7 figure business.  

"It wasn’t until I had my daughter (in January of 2013), that my thinking about the way I did business changed."

I no longer wanted to work 100 hours a week - EVEN THOUGH I LOVED WHAT I DID

I loved selling real estate but the truth is that once I had my daughter, I knew that I needed to be in a financial position where I didn't have to work every night and every weekend.  

By learning how other investors worked and thought, I was able to systematize my investing business so that I could have more time to spend with my family.

But here’s the real shocker:

Once I started working smarter: I MADE A LOT MORE MONEY in a lot less time

"Once I started to work ON my investing business instead of IN my business: I MADE A LOT MORE MONEY in a lot less time"

Once I figured this out, the formula to becoming the #1 Agent Investor in Boston was actually very simple.

So, the bottom line here is that had I taken the time to learn and study what other investors were doing, I would have been even further along than I already am.

I could have fast forwarded my success by over 5 years and made more money in less time with less risk.
That’s what I want to do for you.

I want to guide you through the minefield… help you avoid the mistakes I made... the money I wasted.

Imagine If You Could... 

  • Work where you want and when you want
  • ​Raise capital for your deals passively to allow you to accumulate passive investments
  • ​Have your systems bring you opportunities day in and day out
  • ​Get the life you've always wanted
  • ​Spend more of your time on things you are passionate about
  • ​Get off the real estate rollercoaster and stop worrying about when your next commission check is coming in.  

When You Attend "The Agent Investor" Live 2-Day Event, We're Going To Give You Our Systems To Copy/Paste In To YOUR Business... 

  • Software to help you analyze every investment opportunity you come across
  • ​​Access to lenders, property managers, attorneys and real estate agents
  • ​Learn how to partner with my team on deals

We Have a Limited Number Of Spaces Available In "The Agent Investor" 2-Day Live Workshop

 We teach you HOW TO FIND DEALS that cash flow in today's market

 We teach you how to analyze deals to make sure you are buying the RIGHT PROPERTIES at the RIGHT PRICE 

 Have ACCESS TO MONEY to fund YOUR real estate deals (or partner directly with our team)

 Have ACCESS TO MONEY to fund YOUR real estate deals (or Joint Venture Opportunities)



Tom Cafarella, Boston's Top Agent Investor

Tom has acheived financial independence at a young age by not only selling real estate, but investing in real estate.  He can work when he wants, where he wants - or not work at all if he chooses.
Would you like to do the same? 

Tom Cafarella 

November 3rd and November 4th. 9am to 5pm Each Day.
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel- Danvers · 50 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA


Here Is What Others Have To Say About Attending My Past Events

“We’ve already closed one deal with him so far that we’re rehabbing was able to buy it at a very good price, should make a good profit on it. So we’ve been very happy with that.”

 Brady - College Station, Texas

“I’ve attended a few things in the past but they really were two or three hour sessions which was trying to sell me on a much larger program. This is the first session that I’ve been to that is actually two full days of very packed content.”

  Margaret - Southwest Connecticut

“Tom and his team are legit. They really know what they are doing. They’ve created these systems that are replicatable and scale-able in any market”

 Vladim - Chicago, Ilinois

“I would suggest to anybody that is looking to take their business to the next level comes out to one of these events…great content, very valuable.”

 Gualter - Fall River, Massachusetts

“Every step of the way I've been able to get in contact with somebody at Ocean City Development, and to my surprise it is most of the time Tom, within 15-20 minutes and always has the answers .”

 Dan - Knox, Maine

“Tom has been amazing, he has just been wonderful. Any time I need him…he answers my questions fast and he’s very good at explaining what needs to be done.”

 Heidi - Orlando Florida

“Getting to see the things they’re doing and the way they’re doing their rehabs was really enlightening and very helpful.”

 Tammy - For Lauderdale, Florida

 “I’ve been to many conferences but this is actually not info-tainment it’s information and useable material”

 John - College Station, Texas

“It’s been a great experience thus far and we’re… excited for the future. This visit has really helped us to see how to better structure the rest of our business.”

 Kyle - Panama City, Florida

“When Tom invited us to come out here we jumped at the chance to come out to Boston and meet Tom, meet the whole team, very genuine group out here. I was very impressed by the team he has built around him.”

 Marc - Los Angeles, California

“Tom…has been a phenomenal resource in my business and in my life… he really shows you the way to build a team”

 Frank - San Diego, California

 “My big take away was seeing how Tom merges his brokerage with his investment company… it’s really been neat to see how he merges those two in to making both more successful.”

 Kevin - Jacksonville, Florida

 “So much of what Ocean City Development is about resonates with me and so I wanted to understand more about how the various business pieces fit together…I think that’s been most impressive about this visit.”

 Whitney - Trenton, New Jersey

“It was nice to come up here and see the way that the team works and see the behind the scenes. Actually being able to put a face to a name and seeing the roles of every person was very helpful .”

 Jeff - Jacksonville, Florida

“Tom has the ability to help you whether you’re new in the business or you’ve been around.”

 Tim - Sacremento Califonria

“Tom is always available to you. He’s a busy guy but he answers questions. He’s willing to share his information for free which is the biggest value you can find in the market.”

 John - Boston, Massachusetts

 “Tom has kind of thought of everything when it comes to investment along with his brokerage.”

Andrew - Omaha Nebraska

“Ocean City Development… what they actually do and how much business they’re doing it’s a huge motivation for guys like me who have that big picture mentality.”

Shawn - Jacksonville, Florida

“I have a better understanding now of how it all works, what it takes to get it all done at this sort of a volume

Kellen - Denver, Colorado

“Everyone in the company has been super generous and genuine and I really appreciate that. It really helped solidify a belief in Tom and the team that he has here.”

Jeff - Long beach - California

 “ Tom does a great job of taking his systems which are quite profound and involved and kind of simplifies it to a point where it’s useful for even the beginner.”

Sean - Providence - Rhode Island

“I learned a lot from the basics to the more complicated so it was well worth the time coming out here.”

Art - Chino Hills, California

 “ I got an opportunity to see a fantastic acquisition. After seeing how the process worked, it had a win-win feel when I left the visit"

Jody Gann, Birmingham, Alabama

“The experience has been great. The atmosphere has been excellent. Everybody was friendly, they took care of us. The atmosphere was great. Any questions, they were on top of the answer”

Pete - Baltimore, MD

"We got to meet the lead intake person, two outside sales people, and his recruiter to give us a good sense for how to build out our team. We saw a listing appointment live, and how they moved the sale forward. That was valuable, I'd highly recommend it, to see a 200 person brokerage in action. It's exactly what you want to model"

Jon Carcone, Washington, D.C.

"What really excited us was seeing all the operations and seeing all the people, because, everything becomes reality at that point."
"One of the huge takeaways for me was just how big this could become. We'd recommend everyone go out and do a visit."

Keith Sharkey and Matt Sanchez, DFW

November 3rd and 4th - 9am to 5pm Each Day
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel· 50 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA

The Agent Investor